Creative Art Director

The average American throws away nearly 7 pounds of trash a day. And if that doesn't stop, well, it's not worth thinking about.

But given we know a thing or two about minimizing waste, we wanted to make you think twice before you threw it away.

So we took trash from the streets of LA, 9,456 pieces to be precise and turned it into art with Dan Tobin Smith, Because not everything must go to waste.

It’s one of the reasons why we are.


Photography by
Dan Tobin Smith

Produced by
Lauren Daniels

A. Produced by
Jen Wood


We created a series of mini teasers for social few days before the Earth Day on Monday, April 22.


We locate the streets in America with the biggest trash problems. We then partner with a local charity to clean the streets together, picking up the trash and collecting it. The trash then becomes the medium to create our billboard, background, silhouette and headline.

All made from 100% trash. We won’t just tell America we re-use all of our waste, we’ll show them by re-using theirs, and help clean the streets of America in the process.

In order to give the Billboard structure utility we will turn the “ship containers” into recycle trash containers allowing the views and locals to recycle their waste.


The map shows the main areas we collected the trash across Los Angeles from every corner of the city.

The boxes are the crucial part of the process, the curation system where we pre selected the trash and divided them by colours accurately following the diagram. For instance the box “01” is equivalent to “Ocean green” or the the box “48” is equivalent to “Candy red”.


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