Creativity has the power to create a better, more open world.

That’s not a dream, it’s a reality proven by history. It helps us see the world differently. It solves problems. It brings us together.

From Warhol to Deadmau5 Absolut historically harnessed creativity’s power to move the world forward, but now we look to a new generation to tackle some of the biggest issues we face as a global society.

The task?


Produced by
Lauren Daniels
Mercedes Januszczak

Art by
Olivia Steele

Photography by
Markus Georg

Photography by
Mickalene Thomas

Photography by
Pierpaolo Ferrari & Maurizio Cattelan Illustration by
Stevie Gee





Olivia Steele harnesses the power of neon to assert symbolic phrasing that allures and provokes.

Her expansive career has seen her impart fragments of wisdom and wit all over the globe, from Tulum to Berlin to Mumbai in the form of site specific land art and indoor installation.

Aside from the immediately iconic and often humorous style of Steele’s work, her interventions are pointedly placed in environments that prompt existential musings.

Her innate relationship with the sublime and spiritual manifest as a spectacle of explosive imagery. Steele’s opus positions her as one of the most compelling contemporary artists working in her field today.



Mickalene Thomas

Mickalene Thomas is a 2015 United States Artists Francie Bishop Good & David Horvitz Fellow, distinguished contemporary visual artist, filmmaker, and curator.

She is best known for her complex collages and paintings, made from a range of media, such as acrylic, rhinestones and enamel.

Her works draw from the classical canon of Western art, pop art, and visual cultures to examine complex notions of femininity, beauty, race, sexuality and gender.




TOILETPAPER was founded in 2010, as a picture based magazine born as a collaboration between Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari, with the art direction of Micol Talso.

The images from the magazine have been applied to various products and medias, and explore the possibilities for images to live beyond the pages. In TOILETPAPER, the images might appear to have been appropriated from world’s most surreal stock-photograph service, but they’re all made from scratch.

TP images are made of simple images: it’s something you can easily describe during a dinner with friends, but without being able to completely explain that uncanny feeling that it provokes at the level of your stomach. “Every issue starts with a theme, always something basic and general, like love or greed… The best images are the result of improvisation”– Maurizio Cattelan.



Stevie Gee has exhibited his artwork globally in some good places like New York, Berlin, Milan, Bali, Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo and London.

His commercial work has been seen on motorcycles, surfboards, record covers and he has worked for many fashion brands. He lives in London with wife and nine children.