Creative Art Director

Wood Pencil
Best Photography
This is an idea of recreating the first LGBTQ parade.

The idea focuses on recreating the first, iconic LGBTQ parade from 1969, and with it, the unstoppable feelings of hope and positivity.

The recreation would also involve resuscitating the joy, the freedom, and the liberation that accompanied this historical moment. Think San Francisco, think democracy - and a complete and utter belief in the future and what it holds.

Photography by
David LaChapelle

BTS Photography by
Kirby Gladstein

Produced by
Lauren Daniels

A. Produced by
Jen Wood

Alexandra Grey
Alysse Dalessandro
Amanda Lepore
EJ Johnson
Jason Rodriguez (SLIM)
Linda Simpson
Miles Jai
Sasha Velour
Tommy Lei
Victoria Cruz


Shot by Kirby Gladstein all the casting BTS and created extra social content.