Adidas Unlock The Game

Art Director

Adidas wanted to take advantage of the huge social conversations surrounding the tightest Premier league finish ever and create a direct dialogue with their target audience.

Although Adidas didn’t sponsor the league, they did sponsor key players who unlock tight games, so to talk to fans, we behaved like one.

75% of fans now watch football with a second screen; social activity spikes around key moments during games, offering potent windows of opportunity to engage fans directly.

Photography by
Adam Hinton

Directed by
Niall O’Brien

adidas_unlockhegame_0000_mata adidas_unlockhegame_0001_Suarez adidas_unlockhegame_0003_negredo adidas_unlockhegame_0004_silva adidas_unlockhegame_0005_ramsey adidas_unlockhegame_0006_townsend adidas_unlockhegame_0007_shaw adidas_unlockhegame_0008_baines adidas_unlockhegame_0009_Layer Comp 2